Weight Watchers offering free teen memberships

This is happening in the States… will WW Canada be next? What do you think about teenagers joining WW? I will tell you what I think.

I think it is an excellent marketing move for this giant in the weight loss industry. It is a great way to increase their client base. Because, of course, a certain number of teen members will continue to be (paying) adult members. Brand loyalty is especially strong when forged in our young years. Perhaps this is even be a genius marketing move, because research strongly suggests that adolescents are even more likely to become lifelong dieters if they start dieting as teenagers.

So I think it is a good business move. But does it help, or harm, the teens in the process? Medical doctors take an oath to “first, do no harm” with their patients, and allied health professionals have similar codes of ethics. Would you trust the largest player in the weight loss industry worldwide to have the best interests of your adolescent child in mind? Or to just be really smart business strategists?

American Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield, authour of the book Body Kindness, has written her opinion of Weight Watcher’s new teen promotion for the Washington Post, here. Take a look!

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