The Appetite Approach

What makes Appetite different?

1. It’s not about the weight

Weight is a poor measurement of health. Appetite Nutrition uniquely offers a truly weight-neutral approach. Whether working with children and adults, we will work together to establish goals focused on more accurate measurements of success.

2.  Diets don’t work over the long term

When we count calories, measure portions, and measure progress by the number on the scale, we often see short-term successes. You may have lost weight and regained it in the past, or had success over and over again only to watch things revert to normal as soon as you go “off” your plan. Appetite Nutrition was created to show you a different way to improve your health. I want to help find the root of the problems that you or your family  are experiencing in feeding yourselves. When we apply evidence-based recommendations to fix the problem at the source, you can look forward to a healthy relationship with food that lasts a lifetime.

3. You need to be in control

“Just tell me what to eat!”  I cannot count how many times I have heard this cry for help in my career as a dietitian. Our society has trained us to look for the quick fix. As your dietitian, I will not tell you what foods to buy or meals to eat. What I will do is make recommendations about how to improve your eating habits and choices, based on what foods you and your family currently enjoy. Our goal together is to discover the strengths you have and build upon them. Each of us is the expert on our own health, and I can help you learn to trust your internal voice (your appetite).

The approach I take has been honed over several years of working with clients, and has been inspired by many others who work with food and health. Check out some of the attached links to learn more about the approach you will find at Appetite Nutrition: