Why choose a Dietitian?

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Registered Dietitians are uniquely qualified to help you reach your food and nutrition goals. Registered Dietitians offer:

  • Extensive education     RD’s are university-educated nutrition professionals. We have completed at minimum a four-year science degree plus a one-year internship and are assessed as ready-to-practice by passing the Canadian Dietetics Registration Examination. The entrance-level competencies include professional practice, communication and collaboration, nutrition care, population and public health, and management.
  • Registered professionals     RD’s must be licensed with the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association [NSDA] in order to practice in Nova Scotia. Registration holds dietitians to the highest standards of professionalism and yearly continuing education expectations.
“Is there a difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?”

In Nova Scotia, both dietitian and nutritionist are protected titles and require membership with the NSDA. Other health coaches and disciplines can have a lot to offer towards reaching your health and wellness goals, and I am open to collaborating with other disciplines to help her clients find wellness.

“Are dietitian services covered by my health plan?”

Private practice dietitian services are fee-for-service. More and more private health insurance plans are now covering the fees of Registered Dietitians. Contact your plan provider are ask about your coverage today!